Client Testimonials

“The whole team at Barrington-Hill Associates were brilliant in ensuring we were able to rent the perfect home for our family. Any issues were quickly and expertly sorted out, even after hours. The care and service was second to none and we received and continue to receive fantastic individual and personal care. They really go the extra mile and continue to exceed our expectations.”

Mr and Mrs C


“We used Barrington-Hill Associates to find our new house in 2011. They were fantastic to work with and, despite our very specific criteria, found us exactly the right place before the estate agent had even drawn up a plan! Without them we would probably still be looking now.”

Ms M


“We appointed Barrington-Hill Associates in our search to buy a house in the Cotswolds. There are two things which impressed us about this partnership. Firstly, they had a very detailed and accurate knowledge of the property market in our designated search area. Secondly, their service was exemplary and throughout our search we were continually fed with information about market movement and upcoming sales. We would highly recommend them to any prospective buyer in the Cotswolds.”

Mr and Mrs B


We were extremely satisfied with the experience of using Barrington Hill to find our new house. Their willingness to research available properties properties seven days a week and their knowledge of the market were key in assisting us to find the property  we wanted. Subsequently they have been most efficient in advising how we should prepare a vacant unit for letting and in finding a suitable tenant. We have recommended Barrington Hill to a number of friends in the area, looking to move.

Mr and Mrs S


I had never heard of Barrington Hill until a couple of months ago but I consider myself very lucky to have found them. Their team really smoothed the process of acquiring my newly rented home, and they were helpful and approachable whenever I needed anything from them.  En route to taking on my new house I had various issues caused by my bank and removal firm, but whenever possible Barrington Hill definitely helped to take a lot of the pain out of the process.  I can highly recommend them.

Mrs C


We had looked for a property tenaciously for two years, but as soon as we instructed Barrington-Hill a whole host of houses not yet on the market became available for us to view. The company have amazing contacts, know the area intimately and are masters of negotiation. Without their expertise, we simply could not have found our home.

Mrs H


My husband and I have moved house many times for reasons to do with both business and children’s education. However, when we decided to move our home out of London and to the West Country we lacked the time, and the detailed local knowledge of the region and property prices, to undertake the search, assessment, and valuation process for ourselves. We needed help, and decided to appoint a professional buyer’s agent. We were recommended to talk to Barrington Hill Associates and after meeting Sarah Erskine-Hill knew that with her drive, long experience of the regional market and willingness to be frank with us, we had everything, we lacked for this project. Our property requirements were not simple and easily satisfied, and our search had to be sustained for months, before Sarah said,” you just have to come and view this house; cancel whatever else if you can”. I went straight away and agreed there and then to buy it before it was even publicly marketed. It was everything we hoped for and more, after a long search. Without Sarah’s professionalism, confidence and charm on our side of the deal, we would not have succeeded

Prof & Mrs C Reeves


We were lucky to come across Sarah. As always with these things, she came highly recommended from a personal friend and she certainly lived up to that. Sarah was of the upmost help to us in our, seemingly never-ending search for the house of our dreams in Bath. She turned dauntless, frustrating and often expensive experiences to view houses in the area into exciting, efficient and ultimately successfully excursions. We gave Sarah a long long list of our requirements which she calmly and diligently accomplished. She also professionally managed our expectations and budget forecast. Notwithstanding her sage advice after years of experience in this field, it was perhaps her diplomacy that we are most grateful to her for; she firstly identified early and then took much of the stress out of the negotiations process to successfully complete on our purchase. Quite simply, without her help, we would not have found our perfect house, so quickly and efficiently, so thank you. I would recommend her and her company to anyone in a similar position.

Mr & Mrs D